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Food Safety Courses

Retail and Hospitality

Choose these units if you are working in restaurants, cafes, hotels, retail outlets, school canteens or after school programs

Health and Community Services

Choose these units if you are working in a childcare centre, nursing home, hostel or meals on wheels

Food Processing

Choose these units if you are working in businesses such as food product manufacturers including flour mills, canneries, packers, breweries & wineries

Online Food Safety Certification and Food Handling Training

Food Safety Now provides high-quality online and correspondence food handling training for workers in the  Retail & Hospitality (SIT codes), Health & Community Services (HLT codes) and Food Processing (FDF codes) industry. Our food handling certificate courses satisfy the requirements set by the NSW Food Authority, Queensland Food Act 2006, Queensland Food Regulation 2006, Victorian Food Act 1984, and Food Standards Australia & New Zealand.In NSW, participants require the Food Safety Supervisor NSW certificate authorised by NSW Food Authority and this FSS training is available online.  If you have a current NSW Food Safety Supervisor certificate you can do the NSW FSS Refresher course online.

Obtain your food handling certificate or your food safety supervisor certificate in two easy steps.

Step 1: Determine which level of training you need. Level 1 is a food handling course for employees working in a kitchen, café, restaurant, school canteen, hotel, supermarkets or other food retail outlets, under supervision. This food handling course is also known as food safety level 1, food handlers, food hygiene training or safe food handling.

Level 2 is a food handling course that builds on the principles learned in Level 1. Successful completion of Level 2 qualifies the participant to perform as a food safety supervisor.

Step 2: Choose your method of delivery. Our food handling certificate courses can be taken online, by correspondence or "in-house" for groups. Choose the method that is most effective for you. Qualifying for your food handling certificate online or through correspondence allows you to work at your own pace and study while working full or part time, or doing other educational courses, Detailed instructions and guided lessons makes studying for your food handling certificate online or through correspondence an affordable, convenient and easy choice.

In-house group training is an option for organisations that require a number of employees at a time to take a food handling course. Group training is available for both Level 1 (food handling certificate) and Level 2 (food safety supervisor) – combined FSS course is a one day course at venue.

How you will be assessed

Assessment for Food Safety Training Online has two components: a series of online questions to assess your knowledge and a workplace practical skills assignment. The workplace assignment is completed on the job, in a real or simulated workplace environment and observed by a suitably qualified 3rd party observer- see further details here. All food handling and food safety supervisor training is delivered by CFT International RTO #21120.

Training for your food handling certificate or as a food safety supervisor consists of a set of assessment tasks, which include industry-based case studies and short answer questions.

Food Safety Now will get you started on your satisfying career in the food service industry. Get additional information by contacting us, reading the pre-enrolment section or viewing the FAQ on this site.

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