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Applying Your Food Handling Certificate

For some bar or restaurant owners and managers, their enthusiasm around obtaining a food handling certificate ends as soon as the certificate is received. It is easy for many people to get into study mode and really work hard to initially obtain the certificate, but sometimes, restaurant owners and managers find it difficult to be consistent in practicing in reinforcing what they learned. Some find it difficult to remember to renew their food handling certificate as well, allowing their training and credentials to slide. All certifications should be kept current.

It’s important to remember that obtaining a food certificate is not simply a formality in the restaurant industry. Your food handling certificate is intended to reflect a specific training program as well as a certain level of conscientiousness from you as the bar or restaurant’s owner or manager. Your food handling certificate serves as a commitment to your staff and customers that you take proper food handling procedures seriously and understand the risks and dangers associated with improper food handling procedures.

The main reason why many restaurant owners and managers let their standards slide after obtaining their food handling certificate is because running a restaurant is extremely tiring. It is a physically demanding job that requires your attention in many areas all at the same time. It can often seem as though there is not enough time for every task, and sometimes the first thing to go is proper kitchen training and supervision, as well as quality assurance and quality control practices. The key to relieving this stress is to ensure that your team is always up to date on their food handling training. If you have an entire kitchen of people who understand the proper ways to handle food, and have been empowered to hold each other accountable, you will have to spend less time watching over them. That level of training might seem like a lot of work at first, but in the long run it will save you time and effort. Just remember that your staffs are all there to work for you and support you, so you should never feel guilty about giving them extra responsibility. You can’t do everything on your own! If you try to do that, then the quality of your restaurant will slide because you won’t have time to enforce all of the procedures you learned while studying for your food handling certificate.

Obtaining your food handling certificate is a major milestone in your career as a restaurant owner or manager. Having that certificate not only allows you to stay in business, but also provides you with the tools you need to provide the best service and safest food and environment for all of your customers as well as your staff. Renewing your certifications gives you the opportunity to review your training and learn new information and techniques for food handling. Always remember that your food handling certificate is not just a formality, it’s supposed to serve as a safeguard, both for your food and your restaurant’s reputation. If you are looking to receive or renew your food certifications, check  our website Food Safety Today (