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Aussie dogs and cats eat better than we do!

And no, we are not joking!

In light of the spate of recent food poisoning outbreaks in Australia, we felt that it was important to remind all consumers of the true state of the nation.

Whilst our pets are dining on dishes that are sourced almost wholly from within Australia, their owners are relegated to eating tinned products that have been processed in South-East Asia in factories with, let's face it, extremely dodgy hygiene standards at best.

Rare white truffle grown in Victoria

After inoculating the roots of 'host' pine trees on his Victorian farm with spores of the rare white truffle, farmer and president of the Australian Truffle Growers Association, Dr Peter Stahle, has fulfilled a seven year quest to grow Australia's first rare white truffle.

Up until now the white truffle, known as tuber borchii, has only ever been farmed in minute quantities in New Zealand, France and Italy. Unlike the more common black truffle, the rare white truffle is a different species of fungi.