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Children in childcare not allowed to blow out candles

Wow, now childcare centres must direct parents to provide a cupcake with candles for their child to blow out  on their birthday, so that germs are not spread onto a shared birthday cake.


After the  release of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines for childcare centres, Health Minister Tanya Pilbersek confirmed that  "official cupcake police won't stop kids blowing out candles at kindy"........

"We know that if children wash their hands and if the food is handled appropriately,  kids are not sharing their spit too often, then kids are more likely to stay healthier."


Another school of thought is that the clean-freak regulations may place "kids in a bubble"  Obviously if someone sneezes over a cake, no-one would want to eat it, but how many organisims are being transferred, said AMA president, Steve Hambleton.  He also didn't agree with kids having to wash their hands before/after playing in a sandpit.


Isn't it normal for kids to be exposed to some germs so that they build up their immune system to fight off infections in later life.


Washing hands before you eat, after going to the toilet are very important to keep germs to a minimum.