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Food Safety Supervisor - Health & Community Services Industry

Course Code: HLTFSE001, HLTFSE005, HLTFSE007

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To be a food safety supervisor in the Health & Community Services industries you need to complete three units:

  1. HLTFSE001 –  Follow Basic Food Safety Practices (was HLTFS207C);
  2. HLTFSE005 –  Apply & Monitor Food Safety Requirements (was HLTFS310C); and
  3. HLTFSE007 – Oversee the Day to Day Implementation of Food Safety in the Workplace (was HLTFS309C)

Level 1 - Follow Basic Food Safety Practices is designed for all people handling food in the Health and Community Care Service sectors. (e.g. child care, aged care, hospitals, meals on wheels etc).

Level 2 - Apply & Monitor Food Safety Requirements; and Oversee the Day to Day Implementation of Food Safety in the Workplace is a combined course is designed for all people supervising food operations in the Health and Community Service industries.

Safe food handling practices are based on policies and procedures outlined in an organisation food safety program. The program and its procedures are based on the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) method.

To read more about how you will be assessed for all modes of delivery check out  pre-enrolment information. Participants receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment on the successful completion of the course.


Assessment for Food Safety Training Online has two components: a series of online questions to assess your knowledge and a workplace practical skills assignment. The workplace assignment is completed on the job, in a real or simulated workplace environment and observed by a suitably qualified 3rd party observer- see further details here.

Training is available "in-house" for groups, by correspondence or online. Group discounts available.