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NSW Food Safety Supervisor Combined Course | Online Food Safety Supervisor Course in NSW

Course Code: SITXFSA001 & SITXFSA002

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To be the Food Safety Supervisor in NSW  you need to complete two units:

  1. SITXFSA001 - Use Hygienic Practices For Food Safety
  2. SITXFSA002  - Participate In Safe Food Handling Practices

Certain NSW food retailers must employ a Food Safety Supervisor that holds a certificate authorised by the NSW Food Authority. This food safety mandate ensures proper supervisory procedures are in place to oversee hygiene and food preparation at the establishment. The certification can be obtained by taking Food Safety Now’s combined hospitality course. This course consists of units SITXFSA001 (Use Hygienic Practices For Food Safety) and SITXFSA002 (Participate In Safe Food Handling Practices).

Food safety procedures apply to employees beyond the kitchen and serving staff. In Level 1, Use Hygienic Practices For Food Safety, the student learns that personal hygiene practices apply to all personnel operating at all levels within the hospitality service industry, including kitchen hands, cooks, chefs, catering staff, food and beverage attendants, housekeeping and laundry staff, sandwich hands, café and fast food outlet cooking crew, sales people, owner-operators, water carriers and bulk food distribution centres. Every person that works in or comes in contact with your establishment must practice good hygiene to avoid cross contamination of the food. The laundry staff member that does not properly clean the tablecloths could create a food borne illness event. The water distributer that handles your bottled water while sneezing with a bad cold could compromise the hygiene of the entire kitchen. The food safety supervisor employee is trained to be on the lookout for improper hygiene procedures for all employees, guests and suppliers regardless of if they are working in the kitchen or not.

The second unit (level 2), Participate In Safe Food Handling Practices, is for Food Safety Supervisors in any registered commercial catering and retail venues where food is stored, prepared, displayed, served and disposed of. It applies to venues that operate a permanent or temporary kitchen or smaller food preparation area, including restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels, attractions, events and conference venues, fast food restaurants, retail food outlets such as sandwich shops and food court outlets, water carriers and bulk food distribution centres. This also applies to tour operators involved in the preparation and service of food at temporary sites. Food safety procedures discussed in this unit help the NSW food safety operator to oversee all levels of food preparation. This includes sourcing the products from reputable distributors that follow safe food guidelines to disposing of leftover and spoiled food in a safe, hygienic manner.

NSW Food safety students will learn these food safety methods through the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) method on which these units are based.

Successful NSW food safety supervisor students will receive a Statement of Attainment with relevant nationally-recognised Hospitality codes and a NSW Food Authority approved certificate.

Our Food Safety Supervisor course is conveniently available online, through correspondence or in-house for groups. For more information, please call or read our pre-enrolment information and FAQ sections.