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Dimmi reveals the latest dining trends

21st August 2015

The current trends that are influencing the hospitality sector within Australia have been highlighted with the release of Dimmi's annual Dining Index.

The annual Australian Dining Index has found that the restaurant industry has dropped by 2.4% when compared with 2013/2014. The ACT dropped a whopping 9.2% followed by Queensland on 6.8% and Victoria on 4.4%. The clear leader of the pack is South Australia with a jump in the market of 7.6% over the past year.

However, the national average spend did increase despite the decrease in the industry overall. It was the premium end of the market that showed the most significant growth with an increase of 17% to more than $85 a head. Diners in Western Australia spend the least per head ($48.43) with diners in the ACT spending the most at $60.77 per head.

The findings in the Index also revealed that diners are more impulsive about eating out and 32% of all bookings now being made within 24 hours of the dining time. This year's Index was the first to show that mobiles have overtaken desktops as the preferred booking method for restaurants.

Additional key trends revealed in the Index are :

  • Having two sittings
  • Corporate bookings are up
  • Australians are eating out less often but are spending more
  • The average spend in restaurants has only increased $1.00 in the past 3 years
  • The gender gap is closing but males still spend more than females when eating out


Source  : Hospitality Magazine, 20 August 2015