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Frequently Asked Questions - Computer Related

Yes, we can. You simply need to click on the below link to clear your flash temporary files

Yes, you need to have a wireless internet connection with at least 512kbs or (0.5mbs)a fixed line broadband connection. You can test your internet connection speed click here

Yes!!! All of our online course now work on Ipads and Iphones... do you training anywhere, anywhere time!

Yes! As our online training is a web based it works on ALL browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox,  Safari and others. You can even do it on your Ipad or Iphone. Anywhere, Anytime! 

Yes!!! You can complete our online training with any web browser. Our courses are also compatible with Ipad and Iphones.

The only software you will need is the latest version of Adobe Acrobat so you can view your certificate. You can download this for free at: