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Online Food Handling Certificate

All Australians working with, processing, packing and serving food must have a food handling certificate. This certificate must satisfy the requirements set by the NSW Food Authority, Queensland Food Act 2006, Queensland Food Regulation 2006, Victorian Food Act 1984, and Food Standards Australia & New Zealand.

The purpose of a food handling certificate is to prove that you have been educated in safe food practices. This includes awareness and control of cross contamination, prevention of food borne illness and hygiene.

While it may seem that most of this is clearly common sense, the food handling certificate course delves quite deeply into each topic. For example, do you know what solution is best to clean a cutting board after you chop chicken? Can you rinse the rag you used to clean the cutting board and then wipe the counter with it? What is the correct temperature to store farm eggs? Can you source local meats for your kitchen or do the farms you purchase from have to follow certain regulations? What is your duty of care to patrons? The food handling certificate course answers these and many more questions.

The food handling certificate course is the prerequisite to the food safety supervisor course. Those that go onto obtain their food safety supervisor certificate can act as kitchen managers and supervisors, ensuring that all staff members are following the rules for a clean and hygienic kitchen as stipulated in the food handling certificate course.

The food handling certificate course is provided by several different methods.

  • Online: The online food handling certificate course allows you to work at your own pace. This is an excellent option for anyone with a full time job or that attends high school, university or college. Simply fit this online course into your schedule. There is email support if you have questions or concerns, and upon successful completion, you can print your officially recognized certificate.
  • Correspondence: If you do not have Internet access or just prefer to study using textbooks, pen and paper, the food handling certificate correspondence course is for you. This option also allows you to work at your own pace and with your existing schedule and email support is available from 7am - 10 pm seven days a week.
  • In house: If you are a venue owner that has several employees that need food handling certificate training, you can book an in-house session. The instructor will come to your place of business or another mutually agreeable location and teach a private class for your employees. Upon successful completion of the test at the end of the class, students are issued their certificate.

The food handling certificate course that we offer satisfies the government mandated regulations. Our easy to follow course format, access to support, and course delivery options that work with your schedule makes Food Safety Now a leader in the competitive food safety training industry. With over a decade of food safety training and the issuance of over 50,000 certificates, Food Safety Now is the first and best choice for anyone that needs a food handling certificate.