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Food Handling Certificate is a Good addition to Your Resume

In the age of vacuum pack, freeze wrap, high temperature cooking and low temperature freezing, how is it that so many people are still affected by food borne illnesses?  The answer is a lack of education and training around food safety which is solved by more widespread adoption of food handling certificate training.

food handling certificate for restaurantsA food handling certificate has become a desired prerequisite for any job that potentially puts you in contact with food, particularly when dealing with members of the public.   You may need it to flip burgers at MacDonald’s or to try your hand at white linen and wine at a fine dining restaurant.  Anytime you handle food item whether it be packaging or processing at a food manufacturer or packing school lunches, you need to be aware of the correct way to prepare, store and clean up after food to protect the safety of the people who will be eating it.  Although most people might not think about food as a part of a health care worker’s job, it often is.  Health care workers are regularly required to help administer food and medicine to their patients. Since these patients are not healthy in the first place and are therefore extra susceptible to bacteria and other food borne illnesses, it is essential that anyone working with public in the health care sector has a good education in dealing with food safety.  If you’re interested in working in any of these fields, it’s a good idea to study for and acquire a food handling certificate in advance so that you are a competitive candidate to employers.

Although food safety might seem like a matter of common sense, there are many elements which are frequently over-looked and can compromise the health of those coming into contact with the food.  One of the biggest issues is cross-contamination caused by the repeated use of an object such as a knife or cutting board that has come in contact with harmful bacteria.  Because it is not practical to work efficiently in a kitchen if you are washing each utensil every time you use it, a food handling certificate will give you the knowledge you need to work with food both efficiently and safely.  That is the advantage of having the certificate and the reason why so many employers are looking for it. 

A food handling certificate from Food Safety Today will impress employers and give them the confidence that you can be trusted working with food.  After completing a course on Food Safety you will be able to confidently navigate your way through issues and solutions to cross-contamination, food –borne illnesses and correct food hygiene.  You and your employer will be at ease knowing that you have all the skills to bring your customers a pleasurable eating experience without any negative health implications down the road.  Choose between online, correspondence and in-house formats for a certification process that’s tailored to your needs and schedule. You can learn all about food safety from the comfortable classroom of your own living room!