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How to Choose a Food Safety Supervisor in NSW

 A food safety supervisor NSW is a staff member that can be relied upon to monitor the rest of the staff to ensure and enforce that food safety procedures are followed at all times. A food safety supervisor does not have to be a member of the management team although it should be someone who is employed full time and at the business regularly to provide support. It is actually beneficial to have more than one safety supervisor and here are some good ways to determine your candidates.

Their Positions

A good food safety supervisor in NSW will be someone who is a leader in their current role. An employee who thinks on their feet and follows protocol is someone that should be at the top of the list for consideration. Whether they are a member of the wait staff, bar staff or cook line, does not matter. You should ideally consider two different people, one in the front of the house including waiters, bar staff, bus boys and hosts. And an additional one in the back of the house including cooks, prep staff, expediters and management.

Their Hours

Choosing someone who is a part-time employee may not be a wise decision. Part time employees are not in the establishment often enough to warrant a food safety supervisor in NSW position. A safety supervisor should be available to the rest of the staff at all times, any day of the week. Consider full-timeemployees who have an impeccable attendance record and a natural interest in the rules and regulations of the business.

A Natural Leader

Look at your full time employees who display a natural ability to lead. Those who give directions well and aren’t afraid to point out other’s mistakes will be best suited for a food safety supervisor NSW role. As a food safety supervisor, they will need to be able to speak to their fellow employees confidently without fear of rejection or confrontation. They will have to be observant and diligent in their practices. Choosing an employee who already has a good standing reputation amongst the staff will make it easier for them to enforce safety standards and easier for the staff to follow them.

Should it be a Manager?

It completely depends on the establishment but more often than not, managers have a great deal of work to do already. Being free to deal with customer complaints, stock issues, technical problems and administrative duties will likely detract from their ability to be an effective food safety supervisor in NSW.

A good place to start is with a list of full time employees. Remove all those who you cannot fathom in a food safety supervisor’s position and then continue by process of elimination based on the qualities they have shown you on the job. Before you know it you will have a decent short-list of people you can approach about becoming a food safety supervisor in NSW to keep the workplace happy and healthy.

If you are in need of courses or more information about food safety supervisors NSW and the training involved, check out Food Safety Today’s website.