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How a Food Handling Course can protect you at home and at work

A blog discussing common mistakes made by mishandling foods and how a food handling course can prevent them.

A proper food handling course is something you should consider if you are a member of the workforce in the food service industry.  Food handling is the practice of safety protocols to ensure your customers do not fall ill from cross contamination of products or from consuming sub-par food products.  It’s your duty to know if your customer has an allergy or sensitivity to a certain food, such as gluten.  IT’s also your responsibility to be able to recommend alternative food choices if there is an allergy or sensitivity present.

Even if you don’t prepare the food yourself, a food handling course will teach you the best practices for maintaining the health and safety standards of your workplace.  Food handling will cover basic issues like effective hand-washing and how to prevent contaminating prepared meals, as well as more in-depth things like how prepare a work surface and sterilize it properly.  A food handling course is a necessity for anyone involved in the preparation and/or storage of consumable products.  If you are responsible for pre-cooking and portioning certain foods before they are needed then you need to make sure that you do not contaminate your work surface.  Certain bacteria, such as salmonella, are extremely resilient and many are immune to a variety of cleaning products and sanitizing agents.  A thorough cleaning of a work space between each preparation is important for customers as well as yourself.

A food handling course is not just something to be considered by people in the food service industry.  Anyone can benefit from learning about how germs spread and which foods pose the most danger in your kitchen at home.  Proper food handling is as much about preparation as it is about storage.  Is your refrigerator safe? Do you have raw or thawing chicken set next to produce?  Do you thoroughly wash your produce before you eat it or cook it?  These are things you should be asking yourself.  If you don’t know why any of the above mention practices are dangerous then you should be enrolled in a food handling course.

Cooking and preparing meals for your family and especially your children, should be a fun and creative process. The last thing you want is someone falling ill because of something you served or stored improperly.  Some of the most common food storage mistakes in the home are; keeping dried goods such as flour, past their expiry date, placing an unused portion of a canned food in the fridge while still in the can, having the refrigerator set to the wrong temperature and contaminating your fresh goods with your poultry products.  Many of these mistakes are easily avoidable with the right information and knowledge at hand.  Anyone can arm themselves with the right knowledge by looking into a food handling course.  Many are available online for a nominal fee and it’s an investment, whether you need it for your career or for the peace-of-mind you will get from knowing your family is healthy and safe.