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The New Food Safety Supervisor

You have a job as cook at a great restaurant in the city. You love food and you are excited to be working in the food industry. The job is busy, challenging and rewarding. One day the manager pulls you into the office and tells you that they are interested in training you as a food safety supervisor.

 A food safety supervisor?  The manager can sense your hesitation. You are not sure what that is, and you have already gone through the basic food safety course that is required for people working in the food industry. Why should you have to take another course? The manager lets you know that they plan to train everyone as a food safety supervisor, but they are starting with you because you work hard and well. Your manager likes your work ethic, and believes that you will be able to catch onto the training program quickly.

 You find out that a food safety supervisor is in charge of making sure that all employees follow food safety protocol. You will learn about how to properly store food. Meat products, whether they are red meat like beef or lamb, poultry, pork, or seafood will need to be store in a freezer until they are defrosted. You learn that it is important that defrosted meat is not refrozen as that can increase the bacterium that causes illnesses such as E-coli. You also learn about properly handling eggs, dairy products, as well as grain products and fruits and vegetables. Bacteria can grow on any type of food, so fruits and vegetables especially have to be washed. You will also learn how to properly dispose of contaminated, rotten, or spoiled food so that it does not contaminate other foods and cause the restaurant patrons to become ill.

 You do not seem to be too convinced of this training program. Of course you know how to properly store, handle, prepare and cook food. You know it is important to wash your hands, and to use paper towel products to dry your hands, as tea towels can harbor bacteria. You know that it is important to wear disposable gloves in the kitchen in order to further prevent contamination. You know that equipment, and supplies need to be clean. You know which cutting boards are for the meat products, and which cutting boards are for the fruits and vegetables, and you know never to cross contaminate the two. You know these things so why take a food safety supervisor course?

 Your manager tells you that a food safety supervisor is required on all shifts at the restaurant. Not only that, but the manager proceeds to tell you that not everyone understands the importance of food safety. They want to start training someone who will be able to oversee and implement the food safety protocols. The manager knows that you will keep a close eye on food safety in the restaurant, for the customers’ health, for the employees’ safety and for the benefit of everyone. You will be given the tools to implement proper food safety, and your manager assures you that if more supplies are needed to create a food safe environment then you will have them. With your skill and expertise you will be able to maintain the health and safety for the restaurant and everyone in it. 

 Being a food safety supervisor is an important role and a promotion in your food hospitality career.  Get the most affordable and convenient training right here at Food Safety Now.