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Food Poisoning in World Top Rating Restaurant

They may be the highest rating restaurant in the world, however it didn’t stop 63 diners contracting Norovirus. Danish restaurant, Noma, had a food poisoning outbreak during the second week in February, when an employee carrying the virus had not washed his hands sufficiently to kill the virus.

The problem was eventually realised and the Health department was contacted. The kitchen was sanitised, cleaned and food exposed to the virus was disposed of. They repeated this four times over a 48 hour period.
Diners have been offered a full refund or the offer of another visit, and Noma has released copies of the inspection report on their website.

Many of the patrons opted for another visit... despite the waiting list being months long.

In Australia, there are many regulations in place to help prevent this occurring, and many statements have a legal requirement that all food businesses train at least one Food Safety Supervisor.

From: Australian Food Safety News, 12th March 2013.

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