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Further Jindi cheese recalls

Listeria infections were responsible for the death of an 84 year old Victorian man and a 44 year old Tasmanian man, and for a New South Wales woman’s miscarriage, according to a statement from the Victorian Department of Health.

Whilst Jindi has not been directly linked, Victorian Department of Health’s acting chief health officer, Michael Ackland said it was not possible to absolutely rule in or out a link for these deaths to Jindi.

He also stated “as a precaution the company demonstrated its commitment to the health and wellbeing of its customers by implementing a voluntary recall of cheeses manufactured up to and including January 6.”

The recall applies to all soft and semi-soft cheese produced at the Jindivck plant in Victoria.

Health department officials visited the Jindi factory on 16 January and they were satisfied that the appropriate food processing, hygiene and monitoring practices were being followed for the manufacture of products from 7 January.

List of recalled products include:

  • Wattle Valley 110g brie and camembert and Jindi 125g brie and camembert with best before dates up to 27/2/13
  • Jindi 120g blue brie and 120g triple cream blue with best before dates up to 28/2/13
  •   Top Paddock and Blue Cow 1kg brie with best before dates up to 27/3/13
  • Jindi, Wattle Valley and Harris Farm 200g camembert with best before dates up to 20/3/13
  •  Coles Finest triple cream blue 140g with best before dates up to 21/2/13

Click here for a full list of recalled Jindi products

Jindi has set up a customer help line for anyone who thinks they may have eaten the contaminated cheese or want to find out more about the outbreak.

Jindi’s Helpline: 1800 680 175

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