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Raw Egg Safety For Our Eggnog

During this upcoming holiday season there will be eggnog a flowing and freshly made mayonnaise for our yummy salads.Eggs are an economical and enjoyable food but be warned there could be horrible consequences if the all important egg ingredient is not handled correctly as raw eggs can be very dangerous.

A recent survey at Newspoll for the Food Safety Information Council found nearly 20 percent of Australians were not handling their foods containing raw egg in the right way.  They were not aware that homemade mayonnaise is required to be refrigerated immediately after preparation.  A whole variety of foods that are popular to consume over the holiday season that contain raw egg include aioli, mousse, tiramisu and hollandaise sauce. If handled in the correct way we can be reassured that our holiday season won’t be ruined by food poisoning.

From: The Sunday Mail, 16th December 2012

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