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Scores on Doors program Looking Good

In September a Sydney food business received $97,000 fine that was handed down for consistent breaches of food safety and hygiene regulations, this information certainly would have shaken some in the food service industry.

It would have raised in the minds of consumers their attitudes towards grubby restaurant kitchens and dangerous food preparation practices.

Pictures of filthy conditions along with thorough media reports of dead rats found by council inspectors at the business surely would have make people think twice and add to their reservations of what goes on behind the scenes.

New South Wales has just completed a yearlong ‘Scores on Doors’ voluntary government program based on a rating system.  It is currently under review and early reports are encouraging, it is great in lifting awareness and food service business food safety.

Food safety and hygiene in Australia's foodservice industry continues to have a high profile with stories of food poisoning or foodservice businesses breaching laws, including programs like the NSW Food Authority's "name and shame" register.

Chris Imrie the development services manager at Cootamundra Shire Council in western NSW said “I think it has lifted awareness in the sense that people really are paying more attention to our inspections and reports,"

From: Hospitality Magazine November 26, 2012