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Tourism operators look to Asia because Aussies shun 'Dirty & Menial' Work.

Tourism forum chief executive, John Lee as said that because Aussies view the world from a "Hanonsite" view point, we are being held back from allowing a higher number of working holiday makers from other countries. Such as Vietnam, Malaysia and the Phillippines.

This shortage of tourism staff is looking to rise to fifty-six thousand workers, which kitchen hands, waiters, cafe and restaurant managers and chefs being the most in demand occupations.

Data from ABS, shows that workers such as bar attendants and barista's fell 15%, which is appx. 13,000, over the past year and workers in the accomodation industry fell by five percent, which is appx 6,000.

The tourism industry have made submissions to the government regarding working holiday visa's.

From: Herald Sun, 18th September 2012

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