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SA bakery owner fined over $160,000 for breaches of food safety

The Champion Bakery from the Adelaide suburb of Beverley has been fined over $160,000 for multiple breaches of the food safety code. The bakery supplied many local businesses including delicatessens and supermarkets.

Charles Stuart council inspectors told the magistrates court that during their inspection of the premises they found insects in the herb and spice mixes, rodent droppings in various batters for cookies and tarts and ingredients that contained mould (glace cherries, butter and chocolate).

Demand for fresh fruit 'through the roof'

It would be fair to say that the recent imported berry crisis has made Australians more aware of precisely where the foods that they are eating originate.

Demand for fresh fruit and farmer's markets has exploded since the food contamination and hepatitis A scare.

A farmer, Martin Gillday, said, "Everything is pretty much picked the day before the market. I go around on Friday and we pick pineapples, passionfruit, just seasonal fruit and vegetables. We sell what's in season locally."

Lindt cafe in Sydney will reopen in March with a permanent tribute

The decision has been made to reopen Sydney's Lindt cafe, the site of the siege in December, with a permanent tribute to the victims of this callous act of violence.

While repairs to the building are currently underway it is acknowledged that there are many serious practical considerations to be worked through in preparation for its reopening.