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Huge fine for The Hub at Varsity in filth shocker

The Hub at Varsity Lakes, one of the Gold Coast's most popular dining and drinking hangouts for university students, has been hit with fines totalling more than $29,000 after council inspectors found cockroaches and the kitchen in a filthy condition.

On September 11 this year a council environmental health officer visited the venue and identified a number of breaches of the Food Standards Code. The officer found unclean contact equipment, a build-up of food waste and cockroaches inside the premises and poor hygiene practices with workers not provided with soap or hand towels.

Product Recalls - December

The NSW Food Authority advises that the following products have been recalled :


  • ALDI Berg Strassburg 500g  -  vacuum pack. All 'use by' dates up to and including 08/02/15.


  • ALDI Berg Skinless Hotdogs 375g (pack of 6)  - vacuum pack. All 'use by' dates up to and including 16/01/15.



Food poison list lead by chicken, eggs and meat

This year an average of 30 people per day have been struck down by food poisoning with the main culprits being eggs, chicken and meat.

The massive rise in gastrointestinal illnesses in the state has resulted in an investigation by Queensland Health with the figures expected to increase dramatically with the feasting frenzy that we call Christmas

This year has seen an increase of 1800 cases over 2013 to 5620 cases thus far. More than 4200 people have contracted salmonellosis which is caused by chicken meat and eggs.

Public health warning : consumption of raw milk products

The NSW Food Authority warns all consumers not to drink raw or unpasteurised milk that is marketed as being for cosmetic use or as pet food as it is a potential health hazard.

Consuming any unpasteurised dairy products can have the potential to cause serious illness particularly in young children, pregnant women and the infirm and elderly people.


Woolies denies serving 'rodent' snack : police now on board

Police involvement has been welcomed by the family of Emilie Petrusic after claims that she bit into a dead mouse in a rice paper roll as they believe it will prove their innocence.

Emilie got the shock of her life on Sunday when she found the mouse in the rice paper roll that she had purchased at Woolworths at Broadbeach. Woolworths and Gold Coast Health have liased directly with the police after the incident was reported immediately to the store.

100 sick from food poisoning at VIC function centre

After consuming food at the Sandown Park Greyhound Racing Club's function centre over 100 people are reported to have contracted food poisoning. The attendees suffered from vomiting and diarrhoea following events held last Wednesday and Friday at the venue in Melbourne's south-east.

Spokesman for the Department of Human Services, Bram Alexander, said that the department was investigating whether the cause of the incidents was viral or bacterial (food related).

Gastro outbreak results in aged care home at Helensvale going into lockdown

More than a third of the residents of Arcare St James at Helensvale have been struck down with the gastro bug in the past week.

Karen Carey, Arcare state operations manager, confirmed that staff have been forced to stop working from the St James facility where possible in order to try and and stop the outbreak.

While friends and family have not been prevented from visiting residents it has been recommended that they don't.

Payout of $1 million plus to food poisoning victims of ACT restaurant

Following up from a previous article, the Copa Brazilian Churrasco Restaurant in the ACT has now been ordered by the courts in a civil action to pay out two children over the mass food poisoning incident in 2013 that has lead to an estimated $1 million in payouts to victims.

Following the salmonella poisoning outbreak when diners consumed a potato salad that had been made with bad raw egg mayonnaise, the owners of the restaurant in the ACT suburb of Dickson are now facing both civil and criminal court action.


Product Recalls - November

The NSW Food Authority advises that the following products have been recalled :


  • Vege Farm Vege Beef Chunk 454g  -  plastic packaging. All best before dates up to and including 31/01/2016


  • Whole Perfect Vegetarian Chicken Cubes 600g  -  yellow plastic packaging. All best before dates currently in the marketplace


9th - 16th November 2014 is Food Safety Week

The theme of Food Safety Week 2014 is Temperature danger zone – keeping hot food hot and cold food cold. Food Safety week is a major event for the Food Safety Information Council and as we all know, food poisoning bacteria can survive and grow rapidly if food is left out in temperatures above 5°C and under 60°C.