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Product Recalls - October

The NSW Food Authority advises that the following products have been recalled :


  • Pastaalgar Fullkorn and Pastaalgar  -  Elk-shaped pasta products in wholemeal and white varieties, 500g plastic packaging. All best before dates.


  • Blue Cheese & Pistachio Dip  -  chilled and dairy-based in 200g round container. Best before 11/11/2014.


Canberra's largest salmonella outbreak - restaurant owners charged

Following Canberra's largest outbreak of salmonella poisoning, the owners of the former Copa Brazilian restaurant will be going to court to face criminal charges.

As a result of the food poisoning, more than 160 people fell ill, some of whom are now suffering long term health problems. The mayonnaise in the homemade potato salad that was served unfortunately included a bad raw egg.

The Canberra Times reports that the owners, Zeffirelli Pizza Restaurant, have been charged with selling unsafe food that is likely to cause harm.

Product Recalls - September (2)

The NSW Food Authority advises that the following products have been recalled :


  • Coles Supermarkets  -  Coles Right Start Fruit and Fibre 600gm Breakfast Cereal
  • Woolworths  -  Homebrand Honey Poppas 250gm Breakfast Cereal



Source  :  NSW Food Authority, 15 September 2014

Is your service up to scratch?

Even though times are tough and money is tight, it is imperative that you treat your front of house team as the asset they ought to be.

Realistically, there are an extraordinary number of restaurants and cafes in dining out's "middle ground" and this is where a substantial proportion of the public's spending ends up.

Product Recalls - September

The NSW Food Authority advises that the following products have been recalled :


  • K & S Indian Foods  -  "Has no" Chickpea Crisps, sold in ALDI stores in NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC.



Source  :  NSW Food Authority, 2 September 2014

Stockton Beach algal bloom : NSW Food Authority advice

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has advised that :

  • a toxic algal bloom has been detected in the waters of Stockton Beach. The species of algae detected produces diarrhetic shellfish poisoning toxins


As a precaution, the NSW Food Authority advises that :

  • toxins above safe levels have been confirmed in shellfish from Stockton Beach, and
  • people should heed the recreational fishing closure and not eat shellfish from this area


Exclusive Main Beach Restaurant Saks in hot water over creepy crawlies

In the kitchen of one of the ritziest restaurants on the Gold Coast, Saks at Main Beach, food safety inspectors from the council have allegedly found both dead and live cockraoches, arguably not what you would expect from an exclusive restaurant!

Court documents obtained by The Bulletin indicate that the cockroaches were found near both the pizza ovens and in the dry goods storage area. The inspectors also uncovered other potential health hazards which included open food containers left on bench tops, some of which contained raw seafood.

Scores on doors programme praise the best eateries in Bankstown

From next month, diners in Bankstown will be able to choose the eateries with the highest quality food ratings due to the introduction of signs on shopfronts with the 'Scores on Doors' programme.

According to 2013/2014 Office of State Revenue data, the Bankstown local government area received the dubious honour of having the highest number of food safety breaches per resident. This has led both the NSW Food Authority and the Bankstown Council to turn up the heat on those operators with poor food safety and hygiene standards.

Product Recalls - August (3)

The NSW Food Authority advises that the following products have been recalled :


  • Aprisnax Australian Raw Apricot Kernels  -  1kg black food-grade stand-up pouch, shelf stable. Best Before NOV 2015



Source  : NSW Food Authority, 21 August 2014


Holidaymaker in hospital for 4 days with food poisoning at Mexican hotel

An English holidaymaker on a birthday break in a Mexican hotel who was left needing hospital treatment after being struck down by food poisoning has been awarded compensation.

Natalie Daymond said that her holiday was ruined after falling ill with diarrhoea and severe illness at the hotel illness at the hotel near Cancun. 27 year old Natalie claimed that the three-star hotel had served up pink chicken, had filthy bedsheets and re-used foods during meal times.