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Summertime Food Safety Hints

Summer is a great time to ejoy our country's beautiful outdoors.
Be it a picnic in the park, camping in the bush or caravaning by
the sea.
At this time its also important to remember food safety to ensure
your outdoors adventures do not result in making you or your family
members ill.
Make sure you keep your food cold.
If you are camping ensure you have an esky with plenty of ice to keep
your safe and aid in the prevention of bacterial growth.
If you are caravaning ensure your fridge temperature is 5 degrees celsius or below. Your caravan fridge is likely to be less effective than your fridge at home so it can be a good idea to precool both the fridge and the food.
Using a fridge thermometer can helps to ensure your fridge is at the correct temperature to keep your food (and family) safe.
If you are enjoy a picnic make sure that food is transported correctly - again using an esky can assist in keeping food at safe temperatures.











BBQ's are a great way to enjoy the outdoors - and a place where Food Safety is often forgotten.
Use the following hints when having your next BBQ








If you do become ill whilst travelling visit a Doctor close by - dont wait until you return home.
Symptons of food poisoning may include:

sore throat with fever
fever or

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Source: NSW Food Authority - December 27, 2011